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Ruby is our 12-year-old, black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is just the sweetest, gentle girl.

We got Ruby as a mate for our other Cavalier, Lily. They were inseparable, bringing us so much joy and laughter. Besides loving food and sneaking off to steal some of our cat’s dinner, Ruby just spends her time loving on everyone and snuggling up to me.

Ruby was diagnosed with B-cell lymphoma in June 2022 by our local vet at Chelmer Graceville Vets after my daughter Ella found lumps under Ruby’s jaw. She had no other symptoms. This diagnosis was confirmed by Dr Kathleen O’Connell at Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Brisbane.

After our consultation and investigation with ARH, I was given two pages of possible treatments. Dr O’Connell discussed the possibility of the Monepantel (MPL) trial over the phone as I was home sick with Covid. I did some research about MPL and found Ryley and Chica’s testimonials which made me feel more comfortable about the trial.

I decided to do the trial as I felt that with her age, pancreatitis issues and thyroid issues, chemotherapy would be too much for Ruby. The Monepantel trial would allow us to have longer with her and with good quality of life, which was very important to me.

So far, our experience on the trial has been very positive. We have been delighted to get an extra four months with Ruby. She still enjoys doing much of what she previously did, albeit a little slower, but she has no health issues since being on the trial and the team at ARH have been wonderful.

Each month that we pop in for her check-up we can’t believe that another month has passed, and we still get to have her in our lives. I try and tell everyone about this trial because I think it is so valuable and is another option that is more cost effective for the average person.

Carrie, Brisbane

See Ruby featured on Stockhead

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